hi, so if you don`t know what movie star planet is then this is the post to read. Movie star planet is a kids game where they can make online friends and ect. A lot of people became famous from this game and its all over you tube. For example pumpchkin and your living nightmare are 2 very big you tubers and they only play this game.I am really into the game myself. Thats why i started this blog. I just want to warn you that i am getting older so i might delete this blog in the next year. I don`t really know yet. I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday. If their is something big i will post about it on the day i find out. Before you ask, no i dont have a you tube channel but i do have a good friend that post movie star planet videos on you tube and sometimes i post on her account about msp. if you guys have any questions for me please leave it in the comments and i will try to answer it asap. ok and byeeeeeeeeeeeeee